With Silverside ™️ we were able to find a recipe that allows us to reduce the use of pelagic fish in our salmons’ feed: while there are usually between 1,5 and 3 kilos of pelagic fish needed for a salmon to reach its maturity and maintain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, for Silverside™️ only 0,5 kilos are required. 

Silverside ™️ is a premium farmed salmon, exceptionally sustainable, with great color and excellent flavor. It is completely traceable, and farmed under the strictest certifications for ethical and sustainable aquaculture. Silverside has allowed for us to use 11.650 tons less of captured fish in the last 4 years of production, and has world-class certifications, such as ASC and four-star BAP.


Our Pristine products are specifically thought to comply with the Japanese market demands: Sashimi-Grade quality, intense color, unique characteristics, 100% pre-rigor processing, besides being certified under the strict norms ASC and four-star BAP.


Bluglacier was founded in 2016, by two Chilean salmon producers: Ventisqueros and Blumar, and has its operations in Miami. Its purpose is to get people to enjoy salmon, without having to jeopardize the planet’s resources. We believe that sustainable aquaculture can change the way we live: we are motivated by innovation and well-being, and are committed to transparency.


Oshēn salmon is a disruption in its product category. The concept was created with the message of “achieving beauty from the inside”, while honoring the ocean where it is farmed: its esthetic is simple and similar to wellness brands. It is certified under BAP norm and, as all our products, it is free of microplastics, hormones and heavy metals.

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