SilversideTM addresses the issue of finding a new, sustainable way for farming salmon. We feed our salmon with a new diet that includes Alga-PrimeTM DHA, an algae-meal based product that reduces the fish oil requirement to maintain high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Regular farmed salmon requires between 1.5 and 3.0 kilos of pelagic fish to grow to maturity and maintain high levels of Omega-3s. SilversideTM requires only 0.5 kilos.

By achieving this figure we are producing more fish than what is being taken out of the ocean to complete production.

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VentisquerosTM “Live Harvest” process allows us to complete “Pre-Rigor” processing, ensuring the hghest freshness and food safety standards. This is how we achieve outstanding meat quality, clean and rich with excellent cooking performance.
SilversideTM is an exceptionally sustainable premium farmed salmon with great color and excellent taste. It is fully traceable and is grown in compliance with the strictest certifications for ethical and sustainable aquaculture.
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Skin On D Trim Fillets

1 – 2 lb.

2 – 3 lb.



Head On

2 – 4 lb.

4 – 6 lb.

6 – 9 lb.



Skin On Portions

6 oz.

8 oz.


2 – 4 lb

4 – 6 lb.

6 – 9 lb.


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