In Ventisqueros we know that caring for our environment is key. Therefore, we have taken different measures to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. During 2020 we measured our carbon and water footprint, during 2021 we will reinforce our commitment to science-based goals and a more aggressive climate action.


In January 2020, we incorporated electric energy 100% from non-conventional renewable energy sources, which allows us to process 100% of our production using this type on cleaner energies, duly certified by ENEL (through I-REC). We have buying contracts for green electric energy for 100 percent of the products we process, data use, and the electricity of our building and headquarters.


As Ventisqueros we have seriously committed to move forward in this progress in an urgent manner, measuring during 2020 – and for the first time – our carbon and water footprint, and we will continue during 2021, defining the roadmap with clear and ambitious goals, making sure that our activity is resistant and receptive on a regulatory and commercial environment in constant evolution.

Besides measuring our emissions, since 2019 Ventisqueros is part of Huella Chile, a voluntary program of the Climate Change Office from the Environment Ministry in Chile, which goal is to promote the GHG in public and private organizations, to mitigate the GHG total emissions of the country.

At the end of 2020, we obtained one of the four recognition seals given by Huella Chile, corresponding to “Quantification”.


Ventisqueros is also an active member of Global Salmon Initiative (GSI), an initiative that promotes sustainable production and the minimization of the environmental footprint worldwide, where we participate actively with the purposes and goals defined in relation to the GHG reduction in the aquaculture industry.

As a company, we have committed to take measures to reduce greenhouse gases emissions in conformity with the Paris Agreement. The frame to determine the magnitude of the necessary reductions to achieve this goal is named Science Based Targets (SBTi). This way, we want to define jointly ambitious goals of GHG reduction, to prevent the worst climate change effects around the planet.


We work in the sea, and therefore we are committed to maintain the beaches clean through different activities: we support initiatives from the community for joint actions and we are part of the companies that cooperate with SalmonChile in their program “Committed to the sea”. We also carry out important efforts of our own in days where our employees work as volunteers cleaning the beaches of different localities where are operations are.

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