Contestable Funds and Circular Economy

Contestable Funds and Circular Economy

As part of our collaborative work with communities, 4 years ago we implemented annual contestable funds in Hualaihué, to help concretize projects from different groups, neighborhood organizations o persons from the community. In Quemchi, this participative instance has already had two versions. Over 80 projects have been benefited, and we hope to keep on making progress in supporting new local development initiatives.

Since 2016 we work with Fundación Arropa Chile: an initiative that promotes circular economy through processing clothes in disuse and other textile waste, which are donated by our company.

Arropa manages the handing over of clothes in good shape for their reuse, giving them to homeless people or that live in vulnerable conditions or have suffered a catastrophe. They also turn the fabric waste into raw material for dressmakers’ beneficiaries of their program, who transform these scraps into new products, while learning a new skill.

One of the benefits that this alliance presents is that through this work it has been possible to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the water use in processes. 

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